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In the Junior School, boy and girl boarders will live on separate floors, each looked after and provided for by living-in members of staff, including the Headmaster and his wife.

Small numbers and the special care given to the children's welfare, together with a real family atmosphere, will ensure a harmonious and happy life. Each student will share a very comfortable room with en-suite shower and other facilities, with another three of their peers.


The will enjoy their own very well appointed Library which is a focal point to their learning. There is also ample and safe space for playing and enjoyind each other's company. An indoor Sports Hall is situated a few meters away, ensuring they can exercise and enjoy fun in sport as often as possible.





In the Senior School the boarding houses are looked after by House Parents (Directors of Boarding) who are resident in the building. They are experienced in running efficient, caring, friendly and purposeful communities. They are members also of the teaching staff.

We aim at creating an atmosphere of industriousness during the week, interspersed with moments of fun and physical activity complemented by enjoyable weekends with plenty on offer, including outings to town, dependent on work commitment. The two boarding buildings are a home for our boys and girls, soon to become young men and woman. Both buildings have three floors with two students per room, and a boarding tutor lives on each floor, this person being a young universitiy graduate who will be incharge of no more than 25 students.

Their memories of school will be recent enough to make sure they have great empathy with students though greater maturity will help the tutors guide and support, as well remonstrate whenever necessary.



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