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Project description

The Pierre Arnaud Foundation and the Municipality of Lens plan to create, only a few minutes from Crans-Montana, a museum of Valaisan painting, a real cultural centre that will make itself known throughout Valais. Constructing a museum of Valaisan painting in the mountains is a return to roots, to the places that have inspired so many artists. It is also an opportunity to decentralize culture, to complement the work of The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts and to promote Valais as a cultural destination with great tourist attractions, as the Gianadda Foundation already successfully does. As planned, the investment in the Pierre Arnaud Foundation will exceed 7 million francs.


In brief, the museum of Lens will neither compete with the Gianadda Foundation nor with The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts. On the contrary, it will be an asset in the process of decentralization of culture. A lively place for numerous cultural events.


Modern and innovative architecture

The two-level building will offer about 600 square metres of exhibition space, distributed in three halls. It will contain a restaurant and a terrace with a mountain view. The mountains that are reflected on the glass walls are part of the landscape that has inspired painters so much. There will be a fantastic view from the glass lift and also from the roof which has been designed as a garden (with a playground for children). Inside, rays of sunlight will be filtered by special panels equipped with photovoltaic cells. These panels will let the ideal light pass, flattering the exhibited paintings. The building will respect Minergy standards using all possible means of renewable energy sources.

Fondation Pierre Arnaud, Musée Lens

The museum, state in January 2012

Goals of the Pierre Arnaud Foundation


The Pierre Arnaud Foundation aims to promote and defend cultural heritage of the place (places) where it’s in business. To do this, it buys, rents and acquires all necessary rights in order to found a museum. This museum in Lens will allow the Foundation to present to the public all its collections within the framework of the permanent exhibition or in any other premises that the Foundation may purchase or rent in the future.


Pierre Arnaud’s descendants’ dream place has to fulfil two missions: organize temporary exhibitions (because cultural events are more attractive) and give a global view of Valaisan painting through legacy or possible trusts.




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